Telemetry System

Implementation of telemetry projects

Online equipment refers to devices that, by installing in the desired location, are capable of continuous analysis of samples in adjustable periods of time and send the results to the desired centers. With the above definition, a device can be considered online only when the analysis process is completed by sending the results simultaneously. According to the standard analog and digital outputs available on online equipment and analyzers, all results can be sent in different ways using standard protocols.

Centralized Telemetry

This type of telemetry is widely used in factories and industries such as oil and gas. In this type of projects, due to the small distance dimension compared to decentralized projects and the number of analyzers, appropriate cabling, converters, and central control systems are used. In some cases, when we face cabling limitations, Wifi or radio systems can also be used.

Decentralized Telemetry

In order to receive the results of scattered devices in vast and distant areas such as the level of a city, province or country, in which case the use of systems such as PLC and DCS is not cost-effective, this company uses its own devices and It collects and processes data on platforms such as telecommunication, radio, etc.

Data Exchange Equipmentt

The data loggers and GPRS/GSM modems of this company are able to send the results to the internet or mobile phone at the same time. In this type of modems, instead of sending the results to only one station, all the results are placed on the Internet. By doing this, several users from all over the country can access these results at different levels. The access level of users is controlled by User Name and Password.

Using these devices, you can access the information of covered stations from anywhere in the world. This information includes the following:


- The last values of all parameters

- Parameters curve

- Current station alarms

- Records of station alarms

- Settings of the stations

- Download the data of all parameters as an Excel file

RTX-Pro Series

This model has a color screen for viewing and applying settings on the spot, which is designed as a rail and for installation inside the panel. Integrating all the features expected from a Gateway and flexibility in changing the design based on the customer's request is one of the most important features of this model.

- Ability to connect and work simultaneously on SIM card (GPRS) and ADSL (network)

- 6 current analog inputs

- 6 analog voltage inputs

- RS232 input

- RS485 input

- Two digital inputs

- Two relay outputs

 Download File

DGS-Pro Series

This model is designed as a rail and to be installed inside the panel. Integrating all the features expected from a Gateway and flexibility in changing the design based on the customer's request is one of the most important features of this model.

- Has a LAN input

- Modbus input RS485 / RS232

- It has 8 analog input channels 20 - 4 mA

- Has 4 digital connection inputs

- Has 4 relay outputs

- Has a variety of status indicators

Download File

PGS Series

This model is designed with high degree of protection for installation in open space. The separation of different capabilities according to the customer's needs and the targeting of various examples of this model for a specific user is the most important feature of this model.

All features of Pro-DGS series models can be implemented on this model as well, but due to space limitations, they are provided separately.

Web Base

Ease of receiving results

The lack of special software and the visibility of the results on all standard browsers makes it easy to use all computer and telecommunication systems. Also, the results can be viewed as a short message without the need to have an internet connection.

User friendly:

Providing reports and viewing the stations has been considered in such a way that the results of different stations can be accessed and managed in the shortest possible time.

View stations on the map:

The ability to display the stations based on their geographical location allows users to achieve a correct analysis of the conditions and how to control them based on the location of the stations.

اخذ اطلاعات پیرامونی ایستگاهها و تبادل فرمان


عملکرد صحیح و درست دستگاه‌های آنلاین علاوه بر خود دستگاه و روش‌های اندازه‌گیری آن به برخی عوامل و شرایط محیطی دیگری نیز از جمله حجم آب عبوری یا ارتفاع آب مخازن، دما و رطوبت محیط، میزان سرکشی‌ها و بازدیدهای ماهانه و ... نیز وابسته است. همچنین لزوم رصد عوامل انسانی از قبیل زمان‌های سرکشی به دستگاه‌ها و اقدامات انجام گرفته و در صورت پلمپ شدن درب تابلوهای دستگاه، باز شدن یا نشدن آنها مسائلی هستند که موجب می‌گردند تنها مشاهده نتایج آنالایزرها ناکافی باشد.

مودم‌های ساخت این شرکت علاوه بر قابلیت اتصال به دستگاه‌های مختلف و ارسال نتایج اندازه‌گیری آنها، قادر می‌باشند اطلاعات مربوط به اجزاء مختلف ایستگاه‌ها مانند باز و بسته بودن درب، سطح آب، سنسورهای دود یا حرارتی، حرکتی و غیره می‌باشند.