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Mobinab Tajhiz Rad Company

About us "Mobinab Tajhiz Rad" Company, relying on the Most Advanced Technology in the World in the Field of Implementing Precision Instruments, Automation and Laboratory Projects, was Established to Provide Comprehensive Engineering and Commercial Services for Industrial Equipment. The Management and Technical Staff of this Company, with Several Years of Managerial and Executive Experience, intends to Rely on its Long Experience in Working with Foreign Equipment and Tools to Increasingly Localize and Produce these Items Inside Iran. Planning, Management and Implementation of Industrial and Environmental Engineering Projects and Plans, Water and Sewage Treatment, Contracting and Providing Technical and Engineering Services, Implementation of Telemetry and Automation Projects are among other Activities of Mobinab Tajhiz Rad Company. Also, This Company, Having the Representation of Several Foreign Manufacturing Companies, is able to Supply All the Needs of Laboratories and Industries by Providing Laboratory and Research Measuring Equipment, Laboratory Materials, etc. These Services Can be used in Various Industries, Including Environmental, Water and Sewage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Paint and Resin, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical, Research and Research Centers, Chemical, Cosmetics and Hygiene Factories, and other Related Industries. Licenses and certificates obtained In this Regard, the Policy of this Company Can Be Classified into Several Categories (as Follows): - Production and Localization of Online Analysis Devices (Real-Time monitoring) - Manufacturing Telemetry Systems and Implementing Monitoring Projects - Sales and After-Sales Services of Analyzers and Equipment of Foreign Companies - Consulting and Training Services - Technical Services and Repairs