Controller (Panel Transmitter)

The MX-20 Transmitter Has a Powerful Processor and a Durable Body that is Designed and Built for Industrial Environments.

High Accuracy of Measurement with Proper Performance and Good Adaptation to Harsh Industrial Conditions Make It Suitable for Use in Polluted and Dangerous Environments. This Device is Used for Continuous Measurement in Various Sources: Refinery, Power Plant, Petrochemical, Food Industry, Agriculture, etc.



By Having a Strong Processor and Converting Analog to Digital with High Accuracy, it Enables the Measurement of Parameters.

Isolated Output Current

It is Designed on the Basis of Electro-Optical Isolation Technology, which Provides High Safety and High-Power Signal Transmission Over Long Distances.

Communication Interface

It Has the Ability to Easily Connect to a Computer, PLC and any Monitoring Interface.

Automatic Temperature Compensation

Automatic Temperature Compensation and Software Self-Control Provide High Measurement Accuracy. This Device Has the Ability to Compensate the Temperature in the Range of 0 to 99.9 Degrees Centigrade.

Waterproof and Dustproof Design

The IP65 Protection Box Protects it from Any Environmental Damage and is Suitable for Outdoor Use.

Screen and Keyboard

The Design of the Menus and the Appropriate Keyboard is Such that it Provides the Possibility of Easy Use Without the Need to Use Instructions.


Multi-Parameter Screen

The Values ​​of Input Currents, Output Currents, Temperature, Time and Device Status Can Be Easily Seen On One Screen.

Temperature Indicator

By Adding a Variety of Temperature Sensors, You Will Be Able to Measure the Temperature of the Sample or Even the Environment.

Perform More Than One Point Calibration

Performing a Multi-Point Calibration Allows You to Achieve More Accurate Results Over a Wider Measurement Range.

Isolated Analog Output

The Device Has Voltage and Current Analog Outputs, the Most Common of which is the 4-20 mA Output with Isolated Input and Output Terminals, Providing the Ability to Connect to any External Device.




Relay Output

The Alarms in the System or the Departure of the Values ​​from the Upper and Lower Limits Defined on the Screen Are Operated by the Output of the Free Voltage Connection to Be Used in Control or Automation Systems.

Ability to Connect All Types of Digital and Analog Sensors

Dissolved Oxygen

Suspended Solids


pH/ORP Sensor

Electrical Conductivity (EC)

Ion selector sensors

and any Sensor with Analog or Digital Output

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