Free Chlorine

We Use Chlorine for its Chemical Properties and High Reactivity, for Water Disinfection and to Prevent Contamination with Bacteria and Pathogens. Chlorination is the Common Method of Disinfection for Water Sources with Minimal Organic Contamination and Low Concentration of Microorganisms. Free Chlorine is Formed When Chlorine Gas Dissolves in Water.

Two Types of Chemicals Which Are Strong Disinfectants, can be Formed According to the pH of the Environment: Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) and Hypochlorite (OCl-), They Can Be Desired or Unwanted Based on the Water Treatment Strategy. Total Chlorine Is the Sum of All Free and Combined Chlorine Species in the Sample.

Despite Chlorine's Disinfecting Properties, the Presence of Excessive Amounts of Chlorine in Water Can Cause Disturbances in Purification Processes, Environmental Damage, and Endangering Human Health. Therefore, Continuous Monitoring and Measurement of This Element is Essential in Industries.

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