Injection pump And Dosing

Injection and Dosing Pump

Adding Chemicals in a Controlled Manner to a Process is Very Important and Fundamental in Various Industries. For this Purpose, Normal Pumps Cannot Be Used Due to Their Lack of High Accuracy and Difficult Control, Therefore, the Use of Injection and Dosing Pumps is a Suitable Choice for Adding Chemicals to Industrial Processes Due to Their High Accuracy.

In Most of These Pumps, which are in the Form of a Diaphragm, Accurate Measurement of the Liquid Being Injected Can Be Done by Controlling the Speed and Intensity of the Diaphragm Stroke.

Reciprocating Pumps (positive Displacement) are the Most Widely Used Type of Pumps in the Field of Injection.

Chemicals that Can Be Injected Using These Pumps:

  • Abrasive Liquid (Suspensions with SiO2, Al2O3, Catalysts, Abrasive Pastes)
  • Explosives
  • Very Pure Substances (Antibiotics)
  • High Pressure Liquid (Liquefied Gases)
  • Corrosive Liquid (HCl, HF, HNO3)
  • Radioactive Liquid (Plutonium / Uranium Salt Solutions)
  • Reactant (Sodium Silicate, Sodium, Aluminum Alkyl)
  • Sterile Liquid (Lecithin, Vegetable Oils, Dairy)
  • Toxic Substances (Chlorine, Bromine)
  • Valuable Ingredients (Spice Extract, Volatile Oils)
Solenoid injection pump

These Unique Pumps, which are Positive Displacement Pumps, are Accurate, Effective and Reliable Pumps for Chemical Injection Processes.

The Solenoid Motor of this Pump Includes an Electromagnet and a Spring. When the Solenoid is activated by Electric Current, the Electromagnetic Current Pushes the Diaphragm, and When the Electric Current is Cut Off, the Solenoid Stops Working and the Spring Causes the Diaphragm to Return.

In this Category of Pumps, the Movement of the Diaphragm is by the Electromagnetic Force, which Performs the Suction and Release Action of the Diaphragm by Cutting and Connecting the Electric Current.

Adjusting the Amount of the Injected Dose is Controlled by Two Factors: Intensity and Speed of the Diaphragm Stroke, which Increases the Ratio Between the Maximum and Minimum Potential (Turndown).

These Pumps Are Used in Various Industries, Such as:

  • Purification of Drinking Water: Dosing of Disinfectants
  • Cooling Circuits: Dosing of Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Wastewater Treatment: Dosing of Coagulants
  • Paper Industry and Plastic Production: Dosing of Additives

The Following are the Advantages of these Pumps:

  • The Selective Nature of the Head is one of the Prominent Features of this Product, which Allows the user to Choose the Type of Material Depending on the Liquid and the Conditions of Science.
  • Very High Efficiency (Between 1 and 11 Liters Per Hour)
  • Wear-Free Motor (With Only One Moving Part)
  • No Lubrication
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance
  • Excellent Streaming Features


Molina Tajhiz Rad Company Has Three Models of Solenoid Pumps, each of which Has its Own Characteristics. You Can Download the Catalog of Each Model Using the Links Below.

Also, you can Contact the Experts of Mobinab Tajhiz Rad Company for Advice and Choosing the Pump You Want.

MPB Pump Catalog

MPD Pump Catalog

MPS Pump Catalog

پمپ تزریق مکانیکی

Mechanical Injection Pump

These Pumps are of the Positive Displacement Type, which are Also Known as Mechanical Dosing Pumps. This Type of Pump Performs the Pumping Action by a Micro motor that is Eccentric to the Shaft.

The Way these Pumps Work is like Solenoid Pumps, with the Difference that a Micro motor is Used Instead of a Solenoid Motor.

The Body Design of this Pump is Very Resistant and Oil-Free. Also, the Multi-Layer Diaphragm of this Pump Increases its Lifespan.

Although the Power of this Pump is 60W, the Maximum Pressure Can Be More Than 10 Bar and the Maximum Capacity Can Be Up to 130 Liters Per Hour. For This Reason, These Pumps are an Ideal Dosing Pump for Injecting All Chemicals.

This Pump is Also Widely Used in the Water Purification Process (Injection of Chlorine, Acid, Sodium Hydroxide).

  • With the Ability to Produce Pressure Up to 10 bar and a Maximum Efficiency of 130 Liters per Hour, it is Considered the Best Option for Large Industrial Uses Such as Refineries.
  • The Resistant Body and Multi-Layer Diaphragm of this Pump Has Increased its Life.
  • Ability to Pump Materials with High Percentage of Suspended Solid Particles

Can Be Used in Various Industries Including:

  • Plastics and Paper Industry
  • Water and Wastewater Treatment
  • Petrochemical Industries
  • cooling Towers
  • Agriculture, Food Industry and . . .

For Advice and Choosing the Desired Pump, you can Contact the Experts of Mobinab Tajhiz Rad Company.

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