Sales and support

Sale and Supply of Equipment

The supply and production of laboratory, research and industrial equipment and supplies to equip laboratories and implement projects of various industries such as environment, water and sewage, etc. are among the fields of activity of MOBINAB TAJHIZ RAD company.

After-Sales Service

The after-sales service department of MOBINAB TAJHIZ RAD Company is one of the strong and well-equipped centers for calibration services, service, repairs, adjustment and upgrading of software and hardware of measuring instruments. which is able to provide the best services according to the original methods, under the credit and guarantee of reputable companies and equipment manufacturers, using the most up-to-date equipment and facilities for all its customers, using its experienced personnel and extensive laboratory facilities.

Implementation of Instrumentation Projects

The implementation of instrumentation, automation and laboratory projects, along with the provision of comprehensive engineering and commercial services of industrial equipment, relying on the management and technical staff of this company with more than ten years of management and executive experience, is one of the most important fields of activity of this company.

Production of Online Analyzers

Relying on internal capabilities, this company has started to build analyzers for physical and chemical parameters (pH, electrical conductivity, dissolved oxygen, residual chlorine, temperature, etc.) in the first step and is currently implementing complex parameters such as organic load ( COD, BOD, TOC), nitrate, phosphate, etc.

Telemetry Systems

The manufacturing and development of industrial modems that are capable of sending results on the web, mobile phones, etc., using various techniques of GPRS/GSM, radio, APN, LAN network, etc., are among the activities of this company. This equipment is able to receive data in different ways such as: Modbus RS485/RS232, analog current/voltage, Ethernet, Canbus, etc. with standard or special protocols (with the possibility of implementing different protocols).