Type Of Flowmeters and Level gauges

All kinds of industrial flowmeters manufactured by GI Instruments of Canada can be presented in this section.

Liquid Turbine Flowmeter

These types of flowmeters are used for volume measurement or flow rate measurement. The principle of the work of these flowmeters is the same as a turbine. The rotation speed of the turbine rotor is proportional to the speed of the fluid flow that passes through the turbine. The rotation of the router around its axis induces an electromagnetic current around it, which is recorded by electrical sensors installed on the body of the flowmeter and converted into pulse signals or 4-20 milliamps. By having the fluid velocity and cross-sectional area, the device is able to display the volumetric flow rate.

Technical Specifications

- Diameter range: DN4 - DN200
- Accuracy: ±1.0%, ±0.5%
- Fluid Temperature: -20 ∼ +150°C
- Body material: SS304, SS316
- Rotor material: 2Cr13, CD4MCu
- Process Connection: Flange, Wafer, Thread, Tri-clamp

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Gas Turbine Flowmeter

The gas turbine flow meter in the series GIGT are specially designed for use in natural gas, compressed air and other fluid measurement. And the volume and mass flow rate are available.


Technical Specification

- Diameter range : DN 25 - DN400mm
- Temp.& Press. compensation
- Accuracy: ±1%, ±1.5%
- Fluid Temperature: -20 ∼ +80℃
- Body material: SS304, SS316, Cast Steel
- Output: pulse/4∼20mA
- Communication: RS485
- Connection: Thread / Flange
- Explosion proof and water proof

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter


The magnetic flowmeter is one of most flexible and universally applicable flow meter which does not have any moving parts and is ideal for waste water application or any dirty liquid which is conductive or water based. Magnetic flow meter is also ideal for the application where low pressure drop and low maintenance are required.

Technical Specification

- Pipe diameter range: 6mm - 1000mm

- Fluid conductivity: 3µS/cm or great

- Accuracy: ±0.5% of rate & ±1.0% of rate

- Measurable velocity: ≤0.1 m/s

- Enclosure rating: JIS C 0920 Waterproof, NEMA TYPE4X, IEC lp66

- Hazardous area certification: FM approval for Division 2

- EMC conformity standards: En61326

- Adjust zero automatically

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