pH and ORP Analyzer

The MX10 Device is One of the Real-Time and Continuous Measurement Devices of this Company, which, while Being Small and Light, Has All the Necessary Facilities for a Stable and Easy-to-Use Controller.

This Device is an Optimal Controller for Industrial Purposes, which Can Be Connected to All Kinds of pH, ORP and Temperature Electrodes.

This Type of Transmitter with a Strong Body is Very Small and Light and is Used for a Wide Range of Needs from Ultra-Pure Water Production Processes to the Wastewater Treatment Industry.

This Analyzer Has the Ability to Measure and Display One or Two Parameters Such as Insulation Output (4~20mA), Alarm Output Terminal (2 Circuit Change Over) and RS485 Digital Output, it Has the Ability to Send pH, ORP and Temperature Measurement Results Simultaneously.


This Device with a Graphic Screen is Suitable for Industrial Spaces with SMT Chipset Technology and a High-Precision Analog-to-Digital Converter that is Able to Read Several Parameters with Appropriate Accuracy and Repeatability.

The Standard Size of 96 x 96 and the Use of Electronic Components from the Most Famous and Reliable Brands in the World Have Turned It into a Completely Industrial Device.

Current Output and Relay Alarm Based on Optoelectronic Isolation Technology Gives it the Ability to Communicate Long Distances with High Precision.

It Has an Isolated Output Alarm Signal with the Ability to Define Upper and Lower Limits and Store and Disable Alarms.

High Precision Signal Amplifier with Very Low Temperature Drift and Very High Precision and Stability


DIN96 Compact Size


96 x 96 x 110 mm, with Panel Cut 92 x 92 mm Standard (DIN) and Light Weight.

Automatic and Manual Temperature Compensation

Due to the Dependence of pH Value on Temperature, very Accurate Temperature Compensation is Possible in a Wider Temperature Range Than the Analog Method.

Free Power Supply

This type of Device can be Powered by DC with Voltages of 12 and 24 or Periodically with Voltage of 100~240V, AC 50/60Hz.

Temperature Indicator

By Adding a Variety of Temperature Sensors, You Will Be Able to Measure the Temperature of the Sample or Even the Environment.

Perform More Than One Point Calibration

Performing a Multi-Point Calibration Allows you to Achieve More Accurate Results Over a Wider Measurement Range.

Isolated Analog Output

The Device Has 4-20mA Current Analog Outputs with Isolated Input and Output Terminals that Provide the Ability to Connect to Any External Device.

Relay Output

The Alarms in the System or the Departure of the Values ​​from the Upper and Lower Limits Defined on the Screen Are Operated by the Contact Output of the Free Voltage to be Used in the Control or Automation Systems.

Modbus Digital Output

RS485 Digital Output is Able to Send pH, ORP and Temperature Measurement Results Simultaneously.

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